The Grow Share

Invest in a Tree and Harvest the Rewards!

The Grow Share offers Ontarians the opportunity to own a fruit tree for the life of the tree and U-pick your own delicious fruit year after year.

Farm Fresh Produce Always Tastes Better

Join our esteemed CSA community and unlock a world of exclusive benefits. Experience the joy of farm-to-table living with our innovative “Farm Your Own” programs, allowing you to cultivate your own fresh produce. Embrace sustainability, health, and self-sufficiency as you reconnect with the land. But that’s not all – our commitment to social responsibility extends beyond farming. With our unique charitable tax program, you can donate your bountiful harvest and receive tax receipts for up to $1200. Join us today and make a meaningful impact on your community while enjoying the rewards of nature’s abundance. Discover the possibilities with our CSA membership.

How It Works

Your purchase sustains tree growth in Ontario. Don’t require any fruit? Why not donate your harvest to feed others? The Grow Share will ensure you receive a donation tax receipt for your good deed.

Pick Your Tree

We have three membership options, you will be able to select the type of fruit you wish to grow. This year 2023 The Grow Share includes only apple trees, in 2024 we will begin to offer peaches, in 2025. blueberries bushes and cherry trees in 2026

Visit the Farm

Visit your plot at the start of the season and again during harvest. Trips to the Grow Share farm are a fun learning experience for families with young kids.

Collect Your Fruit

Here is your chance to get your hands dirty and participate in agriculture. Come to the orchard and “U-pick” your own tree. Here’s an opportunity to trade your produce with others.

Share the Wealth

Want to give back to the community? The Grow Share will donate your food to a local charity and provide you with a tax receipt.

Our Mission

The Grow Share is committed to generating food security to offer our growing community. is our trailblazing online community supported agricultural program. Our goal is creating user friendly access to our virtual hub. This gives everyone access to our online membership program, giving you control and connecting you with food that matters.

Pick Your Plan

Signing up is easy we have 3 membership options, U-Pick! Makes a great gift for family, co-workers classrooms and more. Or “share the future” and collect a charitable tax recipt.

Single Tree Membership (Annual)

$94.99/year includes any pick of a single tree with planting, irrigation and maintenance.

Triple Tree Membership (Annual)

$278.99/year includes your choice of trees with planting, irrigation and maintenance.

Ten Tree Membership (Annual)

$891.99/year includes your choice of trees with planting, irrigation, maintenance and up to one carbon credit.

About Grow Share

We believe in food security, ethical farming practices, and supporting the communities we serve.

Our family-operated farm in Newcastle, Ontario, is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to engage with our local customer base.

We have the growing expertise, the land, and the trees. You get the freshest farm-to-table fruit for your household or for sharing with others.

Have Any Questions? Contact Us!

The Grow Share invites you to contact us and take part in our farming community. If picking your own produce is new to you, our team is happy to answer your questions. 

What’s good for the environment is good for you! We appreciate your interest.