A Fresh Approach to Supporting Your Local Community

The Grow Share fosters healthier eating habits and better ways of living. Make your meals more meaningful by going direct to the source for local produce.

Thinking Green for the Next Generation

About The Grow Share

The Grow Share understands that action is the only way to create change. We make doing the right thing convenient for you!

The steps we take today will impact our quality of life tomorrow. Nurturing an appreciation for the environment and its role in our diet is critical for the next generation to learn. Protecting local lands and supporting ethical food growth is vital for Ontario communities.

Taking part in a local harvest is a valuable experience. Not only do you get the freshest produce, but you gain a sense of contribution. Ownership in growing your own produce makes one appreciate what ends up on your plate.

About The Grow Share

The Grow Share is the vision of brothers Ron and Mitch. It was created to build a sense of community for anyone interested in Canadian farming, eating local, supporting green initiatives, or helping others.

There is currently enough land for 30,000 trees

Your investment helps maintain trees that contribute oxygen, improve soil conditions, and produce delicious fruit.

Harvest is always an exciting time of year. All are welcome to participate.

How It Works

Whether you’re a family or a business looking to offset your carbon footprint with an environmentally friendly initiative, The Grow Share presents a win-win for all.

Choose Your Plan

How many fruit trees do you wish to support? There is no easier way to get involved with local farming.

Check Online for Updates

Visit us online for information about the latest happenings in the field.

Visit Us During Harvest

Drop by and visit your tree when it first blossoms and during harvest.

Enjoy the Benefits

If you don’t need all your fruit, The Grow Share will happily donate your harvest to a local charity and send you a tax receipt ($3.50 per pound).

Interested? Sign Up Now!

When you join The Grow Share, you have three options.

Single Tree Membership (Annual)

$94.99/year includes any pick of a single tree with planting, irrigation and maintenance.

Triple Tree Membership (Annual)

$278.99/year includes your choice of trees with planting, irrigation and maintenance.

Ten Tree Membership (Annual)

$891.99/year includes your choice of trees with planting, irrigation, maintenance and up to one carbon credit.