How It Works

Whether you’re a family or a business looking to offset your carbon footprint with an environmentally friendly initiative, The Grow Share presents a win-win for all.

Choose Your Plan

How many fruit trees do you wish to support? There is no easier way to get involved with local farming.

Check Online for Updates

Visit us online for information about the latest happenings in the field.

Visit Us During Harvest

Drop by and visit your tree when it first blossoms and during harvest.

Enjoy the Benefits

If you don’t need all your fruit, The Grow Share will happily donate your harvest to a local charity and send you a tax receipt ($3.50 per pound).

Simply sign up for one of our membership options, choose what type of tree(s) you would like and use the check box to indicate whether you will keep or donate your produce. If you choose to donate you will receive a charitable tax receipt equal to the value of your produce at the end of the year each year.

You can pay for your membership with a credit card or an E-transfer to this email. [email protected]

How It Works: After Signing Up

After you sign up, this is how it works. Once we receive your submission you will receive an email confirmation in receipt of your account, including your assigned grid number. Your profile will then be posted to our orchard installation roster. When the roster is filled, your 2-year-old tree(s) will be ordered for the next available delivery from the nursery. This can be anytime from March to June and is subject to supply and demand. It is important to sign up before stock is sold out, which can be as early as September.

During that time our orchard management team is preparing and maintaining the soil, trellises, and more. Once the tree(s) arrive at The Grow Share, we then begin the next stage in the orchard installation process, the trees are assigned to the grid number and then planted accordingly finally the irrigation system will be installed. You will then receive an email notification that your tree(s) and the orchard are ready for production.

IMPORTANT: trees are 2 years old when planted and some begin producing the same year. By the 3rd year after planting, the production of fruit will accelerate.

The Grow Share membership plans are a commitment to an annual membership subscription. The expectation of all members to ensure the balances are paid on the annual sign-up date. This commitment is for the entire life of the tree( Tree life expectancy is 15 years)